History of Panamanian cricket

For more than 85 years cricket has being played in Panama. It all started when West Indian labourers came to the isthmus for the construction of the Panama Canal.

There also was a team representing the English Embassy in Panama. At that time when the English boats that were on transit across the Panama Canal stopped for refueling, the crew used that time to play cricket with teams that were established here.

Later, the Indian (Muslim) community in Panama began to get involved with the West Indian community and began to play cricket in the West Indian teams As the Indian immigrant community grew those of Muslim background were able to field its own team and later began to play with two Hindus cricket teams established at that time. The West Indians teams began to disappear in time as interest waned and the older West Indian players died. It is worth noting that one of the greatest of all West Indian cricketers, George Headley, grandfather of the present English Test cricketer Dean Headley was Panamanian by birth, born in Colon.

Eventually, there were 4 “Muslim” teams and 2 “Hindu” teams and the first tournament was played in that time. . At present there is only a single West Indian team that plays in the tournament, and only 4 players of that team are West Indian and the rest of the players are Panamanian. We have many more teams and a tournament every year. There are many Panamanian that are interested in knowing about cricket and they want also to learn how play cricket . In Panama we have about 600 boys, aged 12 to 21 years that are descendants of Indians that are very interested on playing the game. We have many competition every year. Our cricket season in Panama begins in January and runs to may.